5 Tips When Moving Your Business to a New Space

Posted October 13, 2022

Whether you are opening your business for the first time or moving locations, it can be difficult to know how to prepare. We’ve got 5 tips to help you open your business in a new space when you lease with us!

1. Create a Timeline

Creating a timeline is the first step when you prepare to open your business in its new space. When you create your timeline, you should have a goal opening date in mind. From there, work backward on setting time frames for things like packing, moving, setting up, and opening. Having a timeline will help you stay organized and on track. This will also help your employees or any stakeholders stay in the loop.

2. Prepare a Moving Budget

Moving can be very expensive, which is why you need to prepare a budget. You may need a moving truck or extra supplies to aid you in your move. Do some research on rates of supplies that are near your new space. Rates can vary depending on what area you are moving to, so plan accordingly. Your budget should also include any moving or furniture insurance, as well as extra moving items like dollies, ramps, and gas. You may want to add a miscellaneous section in case an item breaks or something happens you aren’t prepared for.

3. Decide on Storage Needs

Storage is very beneficial to have when moving. Instead of moving everything into your space at once, you can put the lesser important items into storage and move them in stages. This can help you stay more organized and get your space to your exact preferences. If you are doing any sort of build-out, this will help with keeping your items safe and clean. Our friends at Atlantic Self Storage have over 50 locations in Jacksonville.

4. Inform Customers About Your Move

Make sure your customers are aware that you are moving. This will help clear up any potential confusion and get them ready for your new space. It is also a good way to generate excitement for your business if you are opening for the first time. Social media posts, email blasts, and phone calls are good ways to inform people. It is also best to give people reminders and updates on how your move is going. Share sneak peeks of your new space to drum up even more excitement.

5. Update Your Website, Social Media, and More!

Updating your website and social media is a small step but an important one! Make sure to also update your Google Business Profile and anywhere else your address is online. You will want to update any print items or create new ones with your new address. Add photos of your new location to your profiles so people can find you easier. Double-check that your new address is correct on Google Maps, Apple Maps, and more. Lastly, enjoy your new space!